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Charlotte Ngo

Hello friends!! Welcome to The Genomic Odyssey. Science, as we all know, can be quite complex. We hope to help you, our readers, to learn more about science by journeying through our wonderful world of fun scientific journals, that will help you to understand the fun aspect of science. I cannot wait for you to read all of our wonderful pieces!

Now a little about me… I am a recent graduate from University of Toronto with an Honour Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. In my spare time, I love to play sports and learn to play music with my friends. I am very outgoing and love to teach others, but I also love to learn new things!

Science is fascinating to me and I hope readers will enjoy the articles we post and hopefully learn something new! Life is a journey of learning, and we are so excited to take this journey with you!

Thalerni Uththaradevan

I am a recent graduate from UofT with a Bachelor of Science, Specialist in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. In my spare time, I love to read psychological thriller novels and painting pictures.

I believe life is a never-ending journey where you encounter many people and accomplish many things, one of them being The Genomic Odyssey. This blog allows me to learn and expand on both the science and communication aspects of life. One of my life goals is to play a critical role in the science field and The Genomic Odyssey is the first step towards that goal. I have always been interested in writing but science has been my passion. Science, however, is often portrayed as being intimidating and complex. With this blog, I hope to convince you as readers that science can also be fun. I aim to edit, write and make the intense scientific journals into friendly pieces of art that you will enjoy thoroughly and maybe even share with your friends.

Guillaume Filion

I am the instructor of BIOD25 — Genomics — at the UofT Scarborough. I love to share my passion for science and I believe that freedom is knowledge.

In my spare time I love reading novels and blogging about statistics and the academia. I have a research laboratory at the UofT, where we investigate the complexity of cells using advanced machine learning techniques.

I am a passionate advocate of openness in science and in software. I believe in the power of the community.

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